• Nitrogen in Virginia

    Do you feel like you are constantly inflating and re-inflating your tires? Nitrogen is now available for passenger cars and light trucks. Oxygen escapes quickly through tire rubber; nitrogen escapes 20-30% slower.  Keep your tires inflated with nitrogen.

  • Tire Balancing in Virginia

    Tire Balancing must be performed every 4,000 - 6,000 miles for the life of your tires. RNR Custom Wheel & Tire offers quality, affordable Tire Balancing in Virginia at RNR Custom Wheel & Tire.

  • Tire Installation in Virginia

    The life expectancy of a tire depends on road conditions, driving habits, use, and tire. Tires must be replaced at the very least every 6 years. RNR Custom Wheel & Tire offers quality affordable Tire Installation in Virginia.

  • Tire Repair in Virginia

    Flat Tires can allow the rim of the wheel to relax on the tire tread or on the ground, potentially create a blowout or a loss of control of the car or irreparable damage to the tire. RNR Custom Wheel & Tire do quick high quality flat tire repair. Come see us for your next flat tire repair in Virginia!

  • Tire Rotation in Virginia

    Proper Tire Rotation helps promote even wear to your tires, extending their life, and improving safety. RNR Custom Wheel & Tire offers quality affordable Tire Rotation in Virginia

  • Wheel Alignments in Virginia

    Wheel Alignment is the placement of your wheels to a standard that is set for your car. To preserve correct command of your automobile, your wheels ought to be correctly aligned. RNR Custom Wheel & Tire offers top quality, inexpensive auto repair services.